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Velvet Quilts

Cotton Velvet Quilts


Our machine washable Cotton Velvet Quilts are the best. Yes, they are machine washable.
You can mix and match them with our decorative pillows and Shams. Make it your own Bedding Ensemble with your final touches. We have a seven colors to choose from.
Hot Pink bedding is everyone’s first choice of course. What girl doesn’t love Hot Pink bedding? Our Lime Green is bright and exciting and our Turquoise is like sleeping in the ocean.


Tween bedding

Tween bedding you say? Yes, this is for the 8-12 year range. Tween’s just want a say in the design of their bedroom. They are just about to reveal their independence and have a say.
You’re the Parent, you have shown them designer bedding from the department store. Tween’s do not want what all their friends already have. They want new, different, Tween Bedding just for them.

We believe that stay fresh and new is the only way to go. We are constantly creating new Luxury Bedding. We design both for the teen Bedroom.
Fun being the most important word here. Our Bedding Sets are known for our outrageous sense of style and design. You can have fun with minimalistic decor.

Children’s Bedding

Children’s Bedding can be done in a large variety of themes. We have been made famous for our Under the Sea, Bubbles and Mermaid Diva Children’s Bedding, just to name a few. All for you kid’s Bedroom.
Our Kid’s Bedroom can be done in a theme very easily with our discount bedding that Davenport designs. Mix and match any way you and your child want it to be. Choose a base of our machine Washable Cotton Velvet Quilts.
Then choose your Shams and Dust Skirts. The Decorative pillows that we have are fantastic. Our Whimsical Bedding is just that — Whimsical.