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11 Home Staging Tips That You Can Do Without Hiring A Pro

tips for staging a home

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a professional home stager when you can do it yourself at a fraction of the price. Kelly Killoren Bensimon is a Douglas Elliman real estate agent and star of The Real Housewives of New York. She’s an expert in home staging and helps clients with tips when selling your home.

She says that a few easy and inexpensive hacks can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. You can also have fun with the whole process.

Below are the tips of Catalina Castano, an interior designer from New York City, and Bensimon.

1. Make a great impression

Castano states that the first impression is everything. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your home’s exterior as welcoming as its interior. You can paint the front door with a new coat of paint or place plants along the sides. 

She says that plants are a great way to increase curb appeal. Pick a planter that is simple, clean, and matches your home’s style. But make sure it’s large enough to be visible from the street.

She recommends that you use a single flower, such as a Hydrangea, to maximize impact. Keep your windows and lawn mowed.

2. Paint your floors

Bensimon says that giving your floors a coat of paint will make them look brand new. She follows the same advice for floors that need to be repainted in her SoHo apartment.

She says that she has seen clients spend $50,000 to redo their floors to sell their houses. However, a high-gloss painting can have a similar effect. It’s elegant and chic. Use ultra-high gloss paint to get extra-shiny floors. Add a few area rugs.

staging with mirrors

3. overload the mirrors

Bensimon suggests that you cover one wall of your living room with IKEA peel-and-stick mirrors. They can open up the space and make it appear twice as big. They add depth to the room and bring out brightness.

Bensimon states that “Light, bright and beautiful are the big buzzwords when it comes to selling apartments” and mirrors accomplish exactly that.

4. Reduce the furniture in your living room

Sell or store bulky furniture that is too heavy or too many chairs in your living area. Castano states that this furniture can make the space appear smaller. If the furniture is too small, it can make the space look cluttered. 

You need to find a balance. Make sure to clean stained pieces. Castano states that the living room should be comfortable to allow buyers to visualize themselves in it.

5. A minimalist kitchen is possible

The kitchen is often the heart and soul of a home. However, it should not look cluttered or shabby when trying to sell it. Take everything off the countertops and the table, including the food. Display a bowl of lemons.

Bensimon states that lemons are a favorite of buyers because they have a certain appeal. A tip: If you place a slice of lemon in the sink, your kitchen will smell wonderful for hours.

6. Each space should be defined

Castano states that most people have trouble visualizing so make it easy to help buyers define each space. You can clean out a space that you are using for storage, but also for guest rooms, to make it more functional.

You can sell the room as a guest bedroom by removing any boxes and buying a headboard with a clean liner. All these touches make the room more inviting for potential buyers.

Large pillows on couch

7. Large pillows can be used to decorate your couch

Big pillows create volume in a room. Avoid loud patterns on throw pillows. Monochromatic colors such as orange, pink, yellow, and yellow work well. Home Goods has a wide selection of pillows at an affordable price.

8. Take out personal photos

Your home should be free from any photos of your family or children’s artwork. Bensimon states that potential buyers won’t be able to take you down memory lane. They want to create their home. You can remove the photos from your walls and side tables and replace them with coffee table books, candles, or landscape images.

9. Transform bedrooms into hotel rooms

Bensimon suggests that you try to recreate the atmosphere of a hotel when decorating your bedroom. This means that less is more, so use white sheets and pillows. Bensimon states that white creates a cleaner aesthetic. “A single bright pillow is all you need.” Apply the same principle to bathrooms, and choose white towels.

You should also get rid of any perfume bottles, cans of razor cream, toothbrushes, and other cosmetics that are on the counters in your bathrooms. They’re distracting.

staging home office

10. Take out all furniture except the essentials

The better way to stage space is to have less furniture. The furniture should not be too cluttered or difficult to move around. In most cases, a desk, chair, and an area rug work well in a home office. A bookcase or storage unit can be used to balance out a larger space. You can take out any extra items that you don’t need before you sell, but make sure they are neutral in color and the surfaces are clear of clutter.

11. Don’t stuff your closets and drawers.

Prospective buyers will look through your closets and drawers. You can declutter your closets and drawers by moving as many items to storage. Also, fold your clothes neatly. Sort your clothes by style, and keep the same hanger in all your closets.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an option for the back wall. Castano states that it adds luxury to the space without having to spend a lot.

Home Office Design Trends 2021

Home Office Design Trends 2021

This year has been challenging, but it has also changed our outlook in many ways. Our living spaces have become more like a private, comfortable sanctuary. This approach will be further developed in 2021 home design trends. We expect to see more tactile design, sustainable materials and raw woods as well as soothing color palettes. There will be many options, from retro-chic to Scandinavian to global eclectic. Happy colors will be used to contrast calm, discrete earthy shades. The interiors will be more softened if they have more organic shapes and abstract curves than rigid minimalism. If you are looking to renovate your home or home office take a look at these interior design trends for 2021.

Home Office Design Trends 2021

Top Home Office Design Trends in 2021

Remote workers are more common than ever, and this trend will likely continue for some time. It is no surprise that noise reduction has become a popular trend. Carpeting, double or triple-pane windows, and soundproofing techniques are all home décor trends that have become popular because of the rise in remote workers. Being stuck in one spot can lead to monotony. We all need an inspiring environment for our offices. In the coming months, energetic color palettes will be a part of home office design. We can achieve a better balance between work and leisure with lively accents and natural elements.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated space for your home office, the 2021 interior design trends offer multifunctional spaces that can be used to meet both your work and household needs. You can have a home office in a small space and still be functional.

Home Office Design Trends 2021

What’s the Deal?

  • Make sure to keep the décor bright and cheerful to help with motivation during the day.
  • Do not clutter your space with unnecessary stuff.
  • Be mindful of the appearance of your background in video calls.
  • Storage is an essential part of your business. Your productivity will improve if you have a good organization.

Natural Colors

Natural-color is another important trend, and light wood is the best choice. It can be used in any style, from minimalist design to rustic. Light-toned wood is also deeply rooted in nature and simplicity. Light wood is a great complement to other 2021 interior design trends like greens, ocean hues, and natural vibes.

Home Office Design Trends 2021

This trend will be everywhere, from flooring to furniture to cabinetry in the home. Be mindful of the use of your pieces and match their durability to your home. Pine is great for accents, while white oak is best suited for pieces that will be used frequently.

Textured Walls

In a fresh way, murals and large-scale artistic depictions of nature are making a comeback. Textured walls are one of the top interior design trends for 2021. They work well with naturalistic, retro, and eclectic styles. You can add new dimensions to your room by using marbling techniques, luxurious fabrics, and abstract design. This décor trend can also be applied to natural materials such as moss and wood, stone, or 3D wallpapers.

Home Office Design Trends 2021


5 Tips to Create Minimalistic Home Décor

Minimalistic Home Décor

5 Tips to Create Minimalistic Home Décor


While having the best artifacts and plenty of furniture is your living room can be counted as a luxury, many people today are preferring the idea of keeping things simple at their homes. By using minimalistic designs, people are allowing themselves to have more openness and tranquility in their living space while giving it a sophisticated appeal. Implementing minimalistic ideas for your home décor will not only provide an opportunity for you to start fresh but also let you have more peace in your living environment. These tips will help you plan a minimalistic home décor plan for your upcoming renovation.

Plan every room differently

What you may like for your living room may not work in your bedroom. For example, a table and a couch may suit your living room, but you cannot have the same for your bedroom because you will need a cupboard to store your clothes. Do not rush into discarding everything from your home. Let the minimalistic lifestyle grow into you and transform your room according to it.

Start removing the clutter

You need to start decluttering your living space, starting from the things that you do not need at first and then the things that you can live without. If at all you are planning to keep a few clutters, find a reason to do so. There is no point in stuffing your clutter in your storeroom just to have an empty space. The idea for the minimalistic lifestyle is to create a clean environment that will give it a true minimalistic character.

space for air

Make space for air

The art of being a minimalist is to let more air inside your living space. Invest in bigger windows and sleek furniture that makes your room naturally spacious. Even if you cannot find sleek furniture, you can work it out by planning a different layout with your old bulky ones. Do not push your furniture to the walls just to make space in the middle. Clear up the things that you do not use on a regular basis, like a side table. At first, it may seem tough to accept this minimalistic approach, but you will grow into it naturally with time.

Choose light colors

The idea of a minimalistic décor also includes the colors of your room. A simple palette will make your rooms look more elements than having wallpapers and graffiti on the walls. The neutral colors will help in calming your eyes and make your atmosphere look cleaner.

light colors

Introduce more wood

While the modern minimalistic home designs include more metal and concrete, using wood can be an affordable and smart idea for your home. Choose from the different shades of wood to find the one that pleases your eyes. The hardwood floors will match your furniture and also add more contrast to the room when you turn on the lights.

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