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Best Sellers

Best Sellers

When you say Teen Bedding you are saying “Davenport Home Furnishings” They are two in the same. We are the pioneers in this category will remain the on top when it comes to Luxury Bedding for Teens. No need to look anywhere else. We will always have the largest variety in the market. No one does Children’s Bedding like Davenport Home Furnishings. We have a large variety of Bedding for the most particular customer.

Fresh color and design

Davenport is fresh with color and design. If you are looking for sweet and frilly in soft pinks and whites, our Chiffon Ruffle Bedding is perfect. If you are looking for Bedding Sets that are alive in color with Turquoise, Hot Pink and Lime Green our Bright Bed and Brilliant Bedding will be perfect.We have a vast variety of best sellers to choose from. Our Whimsical Bedding has something for everyone. Mix it up and have fun. Always, have fun with your bedding.

Kids Bedding

Kids Bedding can change the bedroom of a child completely. With Davenport Bedding you don’t need much else. Our Machine Washable Cotton Velvet Quilts are amazing. They come in seven colors and they can be mixed and matched with our large variety of Shams, Decorative Pillows and Dust Skirts. When working with your customers, you will find that everyone wants Hot Pink bedding. Bedspreads are always the way to start and then build from there. Some of our Best Sellers include our Paper Dolls, Heels, Mermaid Diva and Sweetie Pie. Our Chiffon Ruffle shams and pillows are always on our best sellers list. Children’s Bedding departments should have it all. Enjoy, and make it your own.